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Be Smart Toys - About Us

Our History
Be Smart Toys began as St. John Sales in the Toy/Gift industry in 1984. Over the years we have developed and modified our product package to successfully meet the needs of the toy and gift specialty industry. Our philosophy has been to consciously manage our territory while selling products we love, from manufactures we believe in. This philosophy has allowed our business and positive reputation to grow each year. In January 2001 we changed our name to Be Smart Toys, LLC.

Our Market
Our target market includes toy stores, hobby stores, gift stores, tack stores, aquariums, zoos, science and nature stores, e-commerce, mail order, specialty chain stores and others. Our product is unique, high quality toys and gifts that define and excite this area of the market.

Our Team
Our group consists of several road reps covering California, Hawaii and Nevada. We have a full time office staff in our Sonoma headquarters for vendor, account and rep support with e-mail access, an 800 number as well as 24 hour phone and fax service. Our group has maintained the reputation for being professional, knowledgeable and responsive in satisfying our customer's needs. ( Sales Force )

Our Commitment
Be Smart Toys attends the Nuremberg Toy Fair and New York Toy Fair, as well as commanding a major presence at the WTHRA Toy and Hobby Show in Pomona California each year. We produce a quarterly newsletter to keep our customers updated, work with accounts to create buying programs and assortments that fit their needs and provide in-store assistance for promotions, merchandising and product training.

Our Objective
Our objective is to maintain long term relationships with our manufacturers and our customers while continuously strengthening and invigorating our sales package with products that address the needs of our market.

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